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Roli Keeps Disconnecting And Turning Off And On Again

I got my Roli Rover today and it was doing fine (apart from the hands dance making the robot's arms fall off) but at 2:00 CST Roli kept disconnecting from my computer continuously. I'm trying to figure out what's happening. Please help. Is my EZ-B damaged? Edit: There is a red light that flashes every time I try to connect and the right arm is falling onto the tred.

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You can contact the manufacturer of your product on their website. Their website is

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On the first use of Roli, the hands' dance popped off the horizontal servo off of the vertical servo. That night I found out that one of the grippers and one of the servos was acting weird, the servo below the gripper wouldn't move that much and the gripper wouldn't move at all. Do I need to sell it back, get a refund or get 2 more servos?


Again, you will have to contact the manufacturer of the product. Synthiam does not manufacturer the product. Please stop creating live hacks that you do not host. Do not create any more robot entries with no details (photos/videos/etc.) about a robot. And please stop asking questions about a product that we do not sell. It is a lot of effort to manage your forum spamming.

Contact support at for assistance with their product

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