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Roli Taking Off On His Own

I control Roli with my Windows 8.1 64 bit desktop computer in client mode through my home network because the EZ-B4 is not being picked by my desktop for a direct connection. When in the stop position using the H-BRIDGE control Roli will suddenly take off! I have a network that has usually 6 to 10 wireless devices attached. Is it interference? Is anyone else having this issue or do I have an independent rebellious young Roli?:D BTW, I have a Windows 8.1 32 bit tablet that does recognize the ssid broadcast of the EZ-B4. I will try the direct connection and report back.


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First of all are you connected to Roli's ezb when this happens? You mentioned you are in client mode, but are you actually connected to the ezb through client mode? When your ezb states it has successfully connected to your network, you are not connected to Roli (ezb) yet. You still need to connect to it with ARC... edit nevermid, I see you are using the H-bridge control so you must be connected to ARC Does Roli respond at all to any other H-bridge control commands? Like forwar, reverse, etc?

However, Also, have you reviewed the latest Roli (H-Bridge) tutorial yet? Connecting the H-Bridge


I have, many many times. We had to inspect the H-Bridge due to no movement and reseated the power pin where the fuse is and it worked.


What project are you using? Perhaps you can share it. I suspect the project may have something configured for moving on an event. Maybe camera tracking? Maybe speech recognition?

Post it here using the attach file option when replying


What a surprise ... DJ is correct! I was playing around with the tracking modes and saved the project and overwrote the file that I was using. Sorry for the disruption, but thanks for the spot on answer!


Any time!

What have you been able to do with Roli? Or, what are you planning on doing with him? You're probably the most intriguing user of ezrobot because there's real-world applications that are dear to your day-to-day activities. It is awesome to see our community pull together to make this possible:D


I'm thinking that he would be a good base for a long arm to help feed me snacks, which is something that I have had to give up when I am alone. The drink holder is nice as I have an assortment of long straws to reach my drink. Staying hydrated is a real concern when you're unable to get a refreshing beverage! I have astounded many people with my gadgetry and how independent I can be in my environment. Like I always say "where there is a will, there is no need for attorneys!" :D