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Roli Is Starting To March

User-inserted image

RolI is starting to march, other robots in boxes!

Next DJ is programming this at that.



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strange i thought first was six then jd then rolli.
so how come the rolli are allreddy assembled?

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Six and JD are already done. Six is shipping now. JD ships next and roli after:)

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@Nomad, Roli's will come assembled in the box. All you will need to do is attach the servo's, camera and claws in what ever configuration you choose!
so glad Roli comes assembled but I'll still probably take it apart and put it together again :D
Their working at night again...
User-inserted image

that means six&jd are chipped out?
Six and JD are complete. Six is shipping. JD is next. I am sure by the time JD is done shipping Roli's will be assembled and start shipping. People are receiving Six right now, so you know six is shipping.
Roli doesn't march... he rolls and roves! :D
you are right @chrissi, but when they were lined up like that it remind me of marching.

So you could say they are on the road again, lol...



edited: I ordered 51 weeks ago...
who's the new guy? it's me:)

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Where did the robots go?

Time travel?

DJ took them home, so he can play Santa?

They have run away. ..

Lifting toilet seats. ..

Sent to kids who need them...

What do you think?