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United Kingdom
It is easy making them dance with auto position, as my hearoid will demonstrate once completed:) Quite the task for a robot with no legs and currently no arms but it's why I'm struggling to be satisfied with the arms...
Awesome Rich , I'm a fan of your project. Are you gonna name him ? Besides the donor toy name? - Josh S
United Kingdom
He is currently Melvin (Mobile Emulated Life Virtual Intelligence Node). I like names to have hidden meanings (like JARVIS) but I'm tempted to change that to something with a bit more flash and balls like Captain Crash :).
Yup , I love Jarvis , speaking of I need to unpack him!
Dancing robots are so cool. I want to make a robot that can Salsa. I am looking forward to your latest creation Rich. Thanks for the inspiration guys.
Thanks Josh for the vid compilations..very inspiring..I'd say names as acronyms are 50/50 ...which is interesting. why do robot creators have robot acronym names? To be more then a straight name? Josh Rich Dave etc are great names as is!
@I robot - just keeping the forum fun and interesting around the general subject of robot building. So anyways about the names. I name my robots something practical. Like the mopping robot is named Squeegee. Its a functional name. I named Jarvis after the ironman character But I did not know there was a acronym till I saw the movie. I think builders like to have an acronym to make the project sound more high tech. The hollywood movie makers love acronyms because it sounds like its a project with a military or weapon origin. At least that's what I think lol.