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Robots Suck Website

it's not "officially" open but you can all register and look around and buy and sell. we encourage sellers, so if you've got bots or parts in your closet, sign up and list them. selling is free but we do charge a small commission on sales. there are 1000's of parts and bots and much more to come, we're working as fast as we can, so stay tuned and be sure to register because there's always more to see with membership and less to see without it.


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LOVE THIS.....looks like it will be a great site!


yes there's so much more to come so be sure to sign up and check the site every day


we're rebuilding tomy mr. money's today from the ground up.


tedious work for our techs, annoying little money eaters (the bots, not the techs, tho come to think of it...)


That's a great source for finding used platforms. I like your concept.


thanks much we hope you enjoy our site. we even offer warranties on working robots, and we offer repair services and more, it's all coming soon.


looks like a good site,for buying parts and low cost robots if prices better then used robots on ebay on selling so far keeping all my robots,for EZ-BOARD and ARDUINO boards


we sell clean, (and I want to emphasize that word clean, because our people do in depth deep cleaning on every part and robot), and working robots, some with warranties up to 3 years. on eBay, the robot category is a wasteland of broken bots with no guarantee. we want people to be able to buy robots with complete confidence that they're clean and they'll continue to work, and can be serviced by us for free should they fail. that's something no company has ever offered before.


me i dont care of clean robots or working it great for young kids i buy them to hack for parts,mostly dont use the motors or control boards so thats where ebay comes in,mostly there are not working or no remotes,so easy to hack for boards llik ez-robot board i will keep checking you site from time to time for low cost hacking robots

also you said we can sell robot parts on your site,i have many robot boards,like wall-e,R2-D2 remote and r2-d2 interactive and many more what % do you charge of sales,ebay charges 9% if sells and to post it can post 50 per month no charges


please do, and be sure to register if you haven't:)


but how much do you charge if i sell it


our fee schedules aren't posted yet but we charge a 5% commission right now no matter the amount of sale over $1, 4% lower than eBay, when our full fees are posted they should still be in the 5% range.


that seems very good,will need to first test my boards first before i sell them i design all types of circuits and do reverse engineering on pcb board,i make very special precision board testers for electronic testers


ok. would you like a Boards category or are you good with just the parts category?


boards mostly,very few parts if any,maybe motor gearboxes


Very nice! I can see theres alot of stuff coming up soon! This might become THE site for spares and parts!


and since we've got so many to list, we hope everybody will use the site to sell their bots and parts