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Robots For Sale - Great For Ez-B Ifying

Hello Gang, I have several robot platforms that would be fantastic for conversion to the EZ-B, or for your collection. I want to offer them to the forum before I place them on Ebay. I hate to get rid of them, but I need money for my EZ Addiction.

I have 1 FULLY FUNCTIONAL RdD2 with all parts.

User-inserted image

I have a K-9 from Dr. Who with remote, however he does not work and one ear is missing.

User-inserted image

I have one Tomy Verbot without remote so I don't know if he works or not.

User-inserted image

I have two OWI arms, one (that I built) works perfectly, one that I did not build does nothing.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Please contact me if you are interested in any of these items. Whatever is unclaimed after one week will go onto Ebay. My email is

Thank you, and God Bless.


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E mail sent for interest in R2!


Ooooh that K-9 is awesome! I'm quite jealous at who ever gets it. I wonder what of those robots Dave is interested in? Hmmm!


K9 and B9 thats a pack of robot dogs! and I for one do not want to be left on the porch:)


Well, it looks like it is just the OWI Arms that are still available. If you are looking for a good arm or two with grippers, these could be just what you need.


I wanted the R2 and was first in line. I had to back away though because the Snowblower died and had to spend the extra cash on a new one. stress

Who ever got it is a lucky person. :)

Bret, Congrats on the sales!


Dave! Seriously if you want the R2 unit just say so ..your one of the forum people I highly respect and I could give it up! :)


Bret hold off on the shipping til I hear from Dave please!


No, no. Please go for it! Thanks for the consideration though. You're a good guy.

If another robot shows up here anytime soon and my wife sees it I may be sleeping with it in the extra bedroom. eek

Congrats on the new little friend. I know he'll have a great home. ;)


R2-D2 is a great robot to hack for EZB,I have 2 of them.they are on ebay all the time Ialso think DAVE is a great guy too,much wisdom


Amazing community! thanks so much to everyone.....the excitement is building.... a robot :)


irobot58, Are you going to use your new EZB kit you just got on this little R2 unit?


Well I had to let it go :(...the shipping cost was crazy high out here to the Canadian We(s)t Coast...but Bret has inspired me to check out R2D2 sites/blogs....though FRED's talking head using the kits servos and ez-board is first and for most. If the first EZ board goes well, which I am sure it will , adding a second board for more miniservos to push pull skin will be easy...ala Hansons Jules.


So R2D2 and the two OWI arms are still available. The shipping to BC in Canada was way too much for R2 so he is available again.


UPDATE - K-9 has found a good home with robotmaker and Verbot has been adopted by jstarnes. Unfortunately, shipping to BC Canada proved cost prohibitive so R2D2 is still here. So the following robots/robotic devices are still in need of good homes that only the EZ Community can provide:

R2D2 - fully functional interactive robot in excellent condition. Has can holder and antenna extension rod. $50.00 plus shipping

OWI Robotic Arm - fully functional robotic arm with gripper. I built this and it works excellent. It has 5 DOF and is controlled by the keypad. Very easy to adapt to an EZ-Board. $50.00 plus shipping.

OWI Robatic Arm - fully functional robotic arm with gripper. I did not build this and did not think it worked, but I just tried it and it works fine (you just have to press a little harder on the buttons than the one I built. $50.00 plus shipping

Thank you for looking,



OK, I'll just have to sleep in the extra bedroom with R2 (if he's still available). My wife will just have to understand that she's married to an addict. I'll have to explain this as a future present for my grandson (he just turned 2 and time to start him on the robotic path).

Email sent (again). eyeroll


I would buy the R2-D2 unit its at a very good price,but already have 2 and 3 smaller ones I hope i get the bigger house it has 4 rooms and large larget carport,my robots taking up much much room,plus besides K9 robot from BRENT i have 3 others comming in,and one is very very big EMGILIO robot ,that will make 2 of them i will have,its bigger then omnibot 2000 2 1/2 feet tall

User-inserted image


DAVE my girlfriend thinks i am worse then addict,but she loves it and bought me a robot awhile back.

Glad you got the R2-D2 its a very cool robot to hack.

When i am ready to hack mine,i may have a few good ideas for you or maybe you may have a few good ideas for me too. Happy new year DAVE


Wow! It looks like R2 is going to live with Dave. THanks Dave.

But these two arms could be perfect to mount onto the top of your mobile platform - still looking for good homes.


Tell me more about the arms? I see they have push button controls. What voltage are the motors? (I assume motors, not servos so I would need to wire in H-bridges to drive them).

How big are they? How much weight and how large an object can they lift?



I will get some details today and make a video of them in action. They do use motors and have clutches that you can tighten to increase strength (less slipage) that are used to protect the gears. It does have rocker control buttons - up is one way and down is another so I believe they already have built in H bridges. The unit takes 4 D cell batteries to operate so I also assume the voltage to be about 5 volts.


You control the opening and closing of the gripper, rotation of the wrist, movement of the elbow and shoulder, and rotation of the arm on its base. The completed arm can lift up to approximately 4.6 ounces (130 grams).


IT looks very cool.just i dont need it motors are sometime has more torque and very easy to convert to servo only need a cheap servo board and feedback pot,i make them all the time servo board is about $2 from futuba S3003 servo from china and pot is a 5k pot

thinking you can easy change the motors for a higher torque


Awesome Dave! your comment about sleeping in the spare bedroom is funny, cause my wife thinks I am building a sexbot:) ummm no. Good to hear that there's lots of interest for R2. The whole idea of hacking a platform is verry appealing......I know DJ has something to unveil very soon! "Anticipation is making me wait"(to the tune)


Ok. I'llsend an email in the morning (or afternoon more likely) when I am awake and sober so we can talk price. Interested in both arms.



CANT wait to get my K9 robot,it may be the first ever project using it with EZB RIGHT now with some of my robots using to hack,i take them apart and keep the pieces i need in one box ,ready for EZB,have so many boxes labeled and ready,rest of the parts not needed i scrap or sell


Bret the K9 robot came in good condition,so i guess sometime soon will be working on it does have a lot of room inside,i dont know if i can get a mini computer to fit


I'm glad you like him. Lots you can do with the little guy!


I do see the antenna is missing,only reason i need it is for a test for his sounds Iguess you dont have it


may be a coat hanger wire will work or stiff wire ,.or old remote wont need the remote after the test