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Robots Exploration

I want to make an exploration project. Basically, one PC will control two ez-robots to search an object, if one robot finds it, it will send confirmation message to the PC, then the PC will send another message to the other robot to stop it.

The key point is how to transfer and receive data wireless.

Does anyone have any ideas to do this?

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The two can be run from the same pc and use variables in ARC and scripts.


There could be 2 computers that are networked. When an object is found, it could write a file. The other bot could be looking for a file every x seconds. If it is found it could stop.


You could use a database but this is probably the most complicated solution.

The simplest, if you had to use 2 computers, would be to create a file in a shared location that both ARC apps are looking for.


By the way, it must have two different ARC for different robots, because I have roli and six whose settings are different from each other.

In this condition, I think the second solution is doable. Can I just open two ARCs and each ARC connects one bot?

And I wander how to build a database using ez-robot, I never heard about it.


You would have install ARC and then copy the install folder to another directory. Then you could run both on the same computer, but now you would want to use the file option for communicating between the robots.


Actually, I kind of interested in the third solution, because I know mySQL and I already have installed xampp to serve the database, but I don't know how to connect the ARC to the database.


I wrote an app that I use In .net called EZ-DBMulti but right now it only works with mssql. I have plans to put my SQL support back in it, but want to get the mssql side fully tested.

Anyway, there isn't DB support in ARC right now. There is cloud support that lets variables to be sent and retrieved from the cloud. It is being put in but I don't know what is happening there. I haven't been keeping up on it.

I would be happy to send you my .net solution and you could make changes as necessary for your needs.


Yeah, I want to try that, can you attach the solution here?


I will post it on tomorrow. I pulled down an older version and put the compiled version up. The instructions on the site are pretty correct. I haven't updated since I have been in the middle of changes, but I will post what I have that is working.


Gerald, I posted the source at this location

EZ-DBMulti Source Code

Also, just so you know, you can run multiple robots in the same ARC. It doesn't matter if they are the revolution robots or if they are other bots using the v4. It would eliminate the need to use 2 different ARCs and the use of ez-b multi or the file solution.

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Is this not the same question as your other topic that's been getting replies?

It keeps it cleaner, easier and less confusing if you only open one discussion for each problem or question:)



You would have install ARC and then copy the install folder to another directory. Then you could run both on the same computer, but now you would want to use the file option for communicating between the robots.

Actually, you don't even need copies installed to different directories, you can run multiple copies of ARC on the same PC each talking to different robots. Some controls may behave strangely. For instance, if both projects have a joystick object, they can both see the same joystick and both robots will respond simultaneously. However, if you have multiple joysticks, you can have each project use their own.

I haven't seen any other objects exhibit that kind of behavior, but I haven't tried all of them. I imagine any that connect to external devices might have the same kind of issue.



Yep, this was mentioned a couple of times in this thread and a couple of times in another thread.

I think the reason that he doesn't want to do this has to do with the say commands always working off of the robot connected to connection 0. I gathered this from the other thread.


I thought the say issue had to do with multiple boards in one ARC session, not several sessions all using board 0. I'll need to do some testing.



Yeah, my problem is basically about how to use one PC to control different boards wirelessly. The reason I open another thread is because I can't just open one ARC to control all robots, because different robots has different settings and different functions. Each robot will be controlled by one ARC, that's the reason why the global variable doesn't work.

So I want to find a way that's data can transfer to different ARCs or robots.

Sorry about the confusion.