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Hi my name is john Im trying to build a robotic Robot Arm Clamp Claw I have look at the tutorials and I still cannot make it work I even put a picture for a sample so I can see whats going on. I am new at this can someone help me with step by step. I have looked at many tutorials and I still don't get it .


Thank you all JC confused


Upgrade to ARC Pro

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It will be a great help if you could post a picture of your project here in this thread so that more logical answers can be given to you during your efforts to get the arm working.


What exactly don't you get? If you're new to robotics like you said, should you maybe start small and simple first then scale up? One step at a time instead of tackling the whole project all at once...

Do you have a picture of your complete setup so we can see how far you got?


@handy03, I have been working on a robotic arm project. Like others have suggested, post some specific questions/problems and perhaps a picture of your project. Then we can help you.

  1. visit

  2. press Software from the top menu bar

  3. Install ARC for Windows

  4. Load ARC for Windows

  5. Enter your account information and enter your ez-robot credentials. The same username/password that you used to post this message

  6. Press the OPEN from EZ-Cloud in the menu bar

  7. Browse the list of apps for Robot Arm

  8. Select it by pressing the OPEN

  9. Follow the instructions to build the robot

*Note: If you do not have the parts, there are PURCHASE PARTS buttons located around the software - and in the assembly instructions.