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Robotic Arm For My Terra Nova Rover

Hi guys for my project I'm building a Terra Nova rover based on the curiosity rover that is currently on Mars and I wan't my rover to have a robotic arm with a joint what parts can I use to make my robotic arm. Also I'm planing the robotic arm to be able to grab items around it's surroundings. Do you guys have any ideas on what the robotic grabber can look like? Cheers William.

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How about one of these... User-inserted image

Available in the EZ-Robot store:)

You could always attempt to make one from C brackets and universal servo brackets but buying an arm is always going to be the easier and cheaper option.

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Thats a cool robotic arm thanks.

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Does anyone have any 3D printer files for this robotic arm? Cheers William. :)

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I am doing my Terra Nova rover based on this Mars rover. User-inserted image

Which is called the curiosity rover that is currently on Mars. But again I asks this question does anyone have the 3D printer files for this robotic arm?

User-inserted image

Cheers William.

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The claw twists The whole arm can be made to rotate/twist The arm bends in 3 places

I'm working on a way to make an arm that bends/twists at the top, bend at elbow and twist at wrist. Still putting pen to paper to figure out the best way of doing it while maintaining a short length and diameter.


This arm is a commercial product, so no, there are not 3D printer files for it (or at least none that don't violate the manufacturer's copyright).


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Hi guys one of my friends are working with me on my Terra Nova rover and currently been away on some courses and my friend has made a prototype of the Terra Nova Rover out of LEGO Mindstorms.


hi willgame2 it is me your friend just in cause you do not know my account name

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Is it possible to get parts for a robotic arm made from a 3D printer? Cheers William confused


Im sure it is.

but you either need to replicate the files or find similar ones.

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You will probably find that many will violate copyright laws. You may also find it costs more for 3d printed parts than the brackets used on these types of arm.

If you can hold out for the revolution I'm sure arms will be part of this...

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Does this mean I have to maybe make my own 3D printer files for a robotic arm? Because I really wan't my rover to have a robotic arm.:(

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Well for a start to test how to program a rover I will use the rover called Rover 5 Robot Chassis and see if I will be able to program this rover using the ARC programming.:) User-inserted image

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Hold out for the revolution;) I've seen some hints at what's to come and let's just say modular parts for robot building... i.e. 3d printed arms, legs, bodies, tracks, wheels, wings...

But yes, you would have to design your own 3d parts. Just study photos of arms and look at what brackets they use, then buy the lynx motion (or similar) brackets and make it yourself.

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This is the prototype my friend build during when I was away on my course.:) using LEGO mindstorms.:) User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


I posted this in a different thread, but you might find it a useful idea for the claw. The picture is just an approximation of a claw that I saw in industry. It was designed to pick up many oddly shaped items. Obviously the claw opened and closed. The rubber bands conformed to whatever shape was inside, and provided grip. User-inserted image


Cool concept @danger! I must have missed the other thread but any which way thanks for posting! I might use those...