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Robot Wont Move

I have my robot all hocked up..... but it is not moving. any suggestions on how to get it moving?

thank you marsboy18


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whits robot do you have? what the color led on the ezbv4

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It looks like you have a JD robot according to the forum tag. A few things to check...

Is the battery connected correctly and fully charged?

Do you have a copy of ARC downloaded to your computer?

Do you hear the audible connection chimes from your EZ-B?

Is JD connected to the ARC software on your PC (via AP mode or Client mode? Click here for details about different connection modes).

Do you have a constant blue or green LED lit up on your EZ-B? (if it's flashing, then JD is not connected to ARC on your computer, and your robot will not move).

I see from your profile that you have not yet gone through the Learn section and taken any of the tutorials for connecting and using JD. I advise you to take the time and go through the lessons, as this will tell you everything you need to know for setting up your robot.

If you go through that check list and still have problems, report back with some more details with what you have tried.

Click the links below for tutorials/user guides for...

Revolution JD

and for the other tutorials for the other robots...

Revolution Six

Revolution Roli

EZ-B v4


Hello - i went to brookstone to get it fixed.....and they got it to work:)

thanks for the help, @marsboy18


Hi Mars! Great to hear it's working. Do you remember what the problem was?

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Glad to hear you got it all sorted out. Just to echo what DJ asked, what was the problem in the end? If you could let us know what the guys at Brookstone said or did to get you up and running, it could help others who might face the same issue as yourself. ;)