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Resolved Resolved by Alan!

Robot Platform

my big problem is the platforms i wanted to get a humanoid robot platform but i can't find any humanoid robot platform and i don't have the 3d printer i want help if anyone know a humanoid robot platform please help me in this


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United Kingdom
LynxMotion do a biped kit, as do a few others. They are pretty pricey though.

Failing that you could adapt a Pino, they are pretty cheap on ebay, look pretty cool and the outer shell comes off easily but it may be tight if using standard servos over mini servos. Or a robosapien V1 or V2. Just search ebay for robot toys and you'll find a bunch of bipeds just waiting for an EZ-B to be thrown at them.
Why not this new Optimus Prime Maximus?
It's big, it's all hollowed out and ready for customization!
Best of all it's cheap! They go as low as $18 used on Amazon...


I can't seem to post a pic I'm on my IPhone...
Jeremie (skater_j10) actually robotized an optimus prime:)
Here's his thread. I don't know if he ever got it walking, but it's still pretty cool!

Have you checked for a FabLab/Hackerspace in your vicinity? You might be able to use their 3D printer to print JD.
Yeah I've seen that. It's actually a brilliant idea, you can even mix and match parts off different transformers (kitbash)
I'm surprised not more people do this here.

I'm almost done with my platform, I will post pics soon.
You will be able to buy the revolution parts soon
@dj sures that will be awesome but i wanted to know if i can design my own humanoid robot and send it to you to print it and i buy the ez-robot kit and the humanoid robot that i designed
@robothacker EZ-robot is probably not going to print everyone's robot, as that would take too much time.
As I said before, your best guess is to find a nearby hackerspace or fablab. Alternatively you could also use shapeways or a similar service, but that's very expensive.
@niek thank you for information i got it i will try to find a near place to print them or use metallic substances but the only problem in metallic is the head of the humanoid robot it will be very difficult to be assembled
No 3D printer will be required for revolution:) You can simply purchase all the components and click them together. Having a 3D printer will allow you to customize your own add on's.
@alan i want to customize my own robot because i need a larger humanoid robot than the one in revolution i will take with @niek advice i will visit any place that have a 3d printer and have my humanoid robot printed
@robothacker , We look forward to seeing your printed robot. In the meantime could you mark this thread as answered? Thanks! - Josh