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Robot Name Posts

I know there have been a couple posts where we have been brainstorming names.

I searched but couldn't find them with what I searched.

Could anyone point me toward those posts?

I'm trying to come up with a robot name for a cylinder robot.


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UM!...that post is ....2 ...posts down! Cylinder Rolling Robot Idea, Needs A Name! Have you been consuming an alcoholic beverage?:)
I wish, I wish.

No I figured this was different from my post because im asking for topics posted asking the same thing.

Like wolfie's post asking for names. I couldn't find that. Could someone lead me there?
One step ahead of you rich.

Didn't see anything so do we know any other naming topics?
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You really looked? And you didn't see the topic called No Name Yet?:)
no I looked on the topic and found nothing I thought fit my bot so Im trying to find other naming posts now.
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Look again, post #2, a huge list of possible robot names from Rex... Or just use the list of random names
@Technopro ...looks like your gonna have to "rebrainstorm" :) maybe you can use that for a name.... "brainstorm"!
Or if you have 7 faves ,do what Rich did by having the bot pick a color...which is the coolest thing I ve read here!