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Robot Leonardo

Robot Leonardo under construction

A motorised wheelchair base it incorporates the original motors and the joystick controller.

Its design allows components to be removed so that modifications and tests can be carried out quiet easily.

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Complete with on board notebook pc , in a matching briefcase simply placed on chair mountings.

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Ez-b & Ir Beacon in dome the four ir receivers are mounted away from pcb to give more accuracy ,also the front ir is mounted on a servo

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Looking great, good work!


Thank you Rich Your assistance with programming the ir beacon was much appreciated it works quite well. Pat

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It's a great feeling knowing I've managed to help someone so it's always nice to hear when it works:)


Very Nice Bravia..thanks for sharing...! The color is awesome as well..there is a fellow forum member , Josh, jstarne1 who would love it as well! and of course Rich is one of the pillars of the robot community, sharing his time and expertise to all..:)

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Very nice some vids please


Simply fabulous, great color. I like the wheel chair base who makes it and what is the model number. Also just out of curiosity, how long will it run and how long does it take to charge. Sorry for all the questions but I really like your disign.


Thanks all Video to follow testing mindwave headset at present will forward specs later today


@bravia did you paint that case to match? That's awesome. So what is the beacon for? Is this a outdoor robot or indoor? Is the beacon used for the robot to "see" which direction home is? I'm just curious how you are utilizing it. I have several IR sensors on the back of my robot for the future use of backing up to a charging area by my desk following a single IR beacon.


Waw ! Congratz, a very impressive robot. Can't wait to see more of your work ! Keep it coming !


Re Beacon First of all the Beacons works in pairs, one is fitted on Leonardo and I hold the second one so the Robot will track my location ,eg I remain stationary and say the "left sensor" on robot detects IR the robot will turn left , once the "front sensor" detects IR the robot will move forward
Take a look here it explains how it works

Re colour Its the original CTM Power Chair model HS5600

Specs (original) Travel Range 25 miles 2 x 12 volt batteries charging takes 2-3 hours,but I never fully discharge


Some internal circuits

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Note EZ-B is not connected as second EZ-B on dome is used for test easier to access, eventually this card will operate all functions. I intend to possibly place the chair back on the base and have a wii strapped on ones arm to move forward reverse left & right. But can' wait to integrate the Mindwave Headset .


WOW bravia very cool on mindwave headset ,i have one plus EPOC headset,second on the pololu beacon i am designing one the same as pololu only using the EZB as the processor.


Wow Bravia - that is one hot looking 'bot! Can you imagine when we can 3D print robot bodies like that. Thanks for breaking new robot ground. :)