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Robot Combat League

Ive been itching to talk about this. My friend Mark Setrakain, was approached by a production company with deep pockets to see if he could create 8 foot humanoid robots that battle in the ring. Very much like a recent film with Hugh Jackman. Mark is probably the best animatronics engineer in the world. SyFy is showing very quick clips of the show now and then, but I can tell you no one will be disappointed by this show (at least from this forum). He built all the robots for the show and 12 contestants have to figure out how to beat the competition by finding weaknesses in the robots design. The robots move by one of the competitors wearing a telemetry suit that transfers their motion to the robots! Very cool stuff. You will be amazed.

The place: SyFy
When: February 26
Time: 10 pm

Ps. It's still early 21st century, so the robots are tethered for cables pneumatics lines etc to, but they are bipedal!


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Very very cool! Why isn't he using an EZ-B?;)

We dint have that channel but hopefully it'll end up on YouTube
Ah dang I think it's on direct tv in Canada. But yes I am sure it will be available on YouTube at some point. An EZB in these towering 8 ft beasts would be awesome!
I'd upload a pic but " attach file" is ghosted on my iPad:( wish I could copy and paste). I'll try to upload from my computer when I get back at the hotel tonight.
Very cool to see fighting robots back on TV. I really miss Battlebots.
Robotwars was one of my favorite shows till they invented the crazy battle area that chewed bots up. You could loose and never take a hit from the other bot. Makes it hard to figure odds agiansy an opponent.