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Roboscratch Bug

There seems to be a few significant bugs in the RoboScratch plug in for v2016.01.31.00

  1. Let's say the script is larger than the workspace on the screen. It requires some scrolling to the right and downwards. If you save and reload it, the scroll bars aren't there. Therefore you cannot edit any of the commands outside of the current view because you can't scroll around to see it. Switching to source code view displays all of the code.
  2. If you Start the program when some of the program is not visible on screen as in (1), RoboScratch only executes what is on screen. Starting the program in source code view will execute the entire program.
  3. If you happen to add some elements, the scroll bars appear again but when you scroll (especially to the right or to the left) the rendering of the lines is messed up. If you try to run it in the workspace mode with the line rendering screwed up, the software gives you some execution errors and it only executes the blocks that are visible on screen. Again, running it in source code view seems is fine. No errors.


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Sorry. To clarify I didn't install the plug-in (ie original version). I installed the latest version with RoboScratch as part of the install package.


Do you mean that you installed ARC?

If so - ability to scroll has been removed on the next version. I do not believe that is in the current version. In the latest version (which i believe is scheduled for this weekend), will not allow you to scroll elements off the screen and no scrollbars are ever visible.


Yes. I installed ARC. You can't do much on a laptop if you can't scroll.


I added 55 elements - that's a lot.:)

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@glennyyc Sounds like it's time to drop the "training wheels" and learn how to script... :D I think the point of RoboScratch is to get your "feet wet" in programming with ARC, then progress on to controls and scripting...

EDIT :):):) I will re-phrase... What I meant to say is wait until you start scripting, much more fun is to be had....:)


Be nice richard:D

I'm also a fan of using RoboScratch more than programming for quick stuff.


FYI - I bought this robot for my 10 year old. He's picking it up very quickly and within an evening he's encounting the boundaries of RoboScratch and finding bugs in it. Personally I think the "training wheels" need to be bigger.

For example there is no way to edit the source code to slow down the servo movements.