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Roborealm Now Supports Neato Xv Lidar

The fine folks at RoboRealm (Steven) has incorporated the XV-11 LIDAR into RoboRealm. This is good news as he is much better with graphics than I will ever be.

If you download the upgrade, you will find it under Neato_XVLidar. I will be doing some tests for them this evening.

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Awesome news... Will update my copy of RoboRealm later today....



There appears to be a memory leak in this module in RoboRealm. I have reported it to Steven.


I have one of those lidar units on order. Should be at the office this week. Do I need additional hardware? Or does it have a serial output that I connect directly to the PC?


If you got it from Get Surreal, it should have their controller (which is a teensy controller that attaches to a usb port and emulates serial).

The lidar has 2 pins for power and 4 pin serial cable coming off of it. It does send serial but I thought it better to have the GetSurreal handle the conversion of this data to something understandable instead of me having to decode a lot of stuff straight off the sensor.

With the Get Surreal controller, you can send a command of ShowDist which cleans up the feed from the lidar to something very usable. You get back the angle, distance and intensity only. This makes working with it far easier.

You can use the lidar without the Get Surreal lidar controller, but I wasn't about that:)


BTW, the memory leak does still exist in RoboRealm for this control. Steven is working on it but is having issues replicating it without the lidar and controller. I have sent him the info and he is working on it.