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Hi guys. I have an robonova-1 humanoid robot. 16 servo humanoid. User-inserted image

I was thinking to upgrade the controller for ez-b v4. My question is about the movement animation. If I know well the PIC has the basic movements of jd. And you can call them with the ControlCommand. If I write the move animation in the script language ( Because it is not include the PIC for robonova). Is there any disadvantage compared to write that straight in the microcontroller? ex. speed or etc.

And the other question. Is there any possibility to write the animations in to the EZ-B v4 Wi-Fi Robot Controller? Or I have to use an external mikrocontroller. Thanks.


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Just to put you right, you don't write or save animations on to the EZ-B, you do this using the ARC software which transmits the information via WiFi to the EZ-B. To create animations easily, you can use the Auto Position control in ARC.


Thanks Steve for the quickanswer. I love how easy to program a robot with it . Compared to the mikrocontroller programming. I am looking forvard to get my hand on the controller. Is there any disatvantage to control it trough wifi rather than with an mikrocontroller? (There is one obvius the use of pc or phone(But we have to use remotecontroller anyway:) ))

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No worries. Theres no disadvantages, only advantages using WiFi over a stand alone microcontroller from mine and other members experience.

Because the processing power comes from the computer (the EZ-B is not really classed as a microcontroller, but a robot controller), this opens up the ability to use the power and speed from the computer (or phone/tablet) to allow for more and better options to work more smoothly without having to have a larger, slower, power hungry microcontroller installed on a robot which would have to handle all of the servo movements, sensor readings, and to do the heavy lifting of processing this information as well.

Plus, it's easier to program and test/execute custom made commands and script straight from a computer on the fly other than having to plug a microcontroller in to a USB port, upload new commands, disconnect it, then try it, find that something is not right, and do it all over again. The WiFi connection allows you to do this in real time while the EZ-B is connected to ARC.

These are just some of the basics, but there are more advantages to using a computer with WiFi connected to the EZ-B too, rather than having a stand alone microcontroller with a remote controller for example.


You're going to use a joystick or controller to make the robot move, right?:) Well, why not make the controller your phone or tablet - and the processing is on that. Microcontrollers have too small memory, too slow, and are difficult to program. Plus, i've never seen a robot not have a interface, such as a PC or Phone... So i know it may be a new approach to Arduino hobbyists... But it's a common approach for all high-tech lab robots and the like :)

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Yep, that too :). I've not seen many robot remote controllers where you change the look, customise the buttons the way you want, and steam a live video feed to. Using a mobile device with the EZ-B like DJ mentioned, allows you to do exactly this... and much more.


Did you build robonova-1 from EZ Robot parts? Did you make some parts? How did you make your pieces? WOW! GOOD jOB. Thanks for sharing Ron


Sorry darticus. Unfortunately not I builded. I just bougt it on ebay. 8 years old robot. Might you can get one aswell there. It cost me 300 euros. But it has an atmelmega128L mikrocontroller. Wich has very poor performance for modern robotics (And quiet difficult to program heavy tasks on it). That is why i have ordered an ez-b controller for it. It will take time to get my hands on the new controller. To get this much of robotic servos (16) that cost lots of money. So I feel lucky to get it for this much.


Hi, again, Oaba. You answered some questions to me in another post. And I would like to ask you few more, if you do not mind. You mentioned you have bought a Robonova-I for EZ-B. Also, you said that ATMEL mega128 board is not suitable for robotics anymore. Could you please let me know:

  1. EZ-B controller is a driver (software) or it is a hardware? (sorry for my ignorance...).
  2. Which Motherboard & Microcontroller are you using for your Robonova-I ?
  3. Can you develop for that Motherboard platform using Assembly, C and / or C++? If not, which programming language do you use?
  4. Do you use (or can use) any advisable IDE* to develop for your Robonova I? (* Integrated Development Environment).

Your answers will be very helpful for me! Thanks in advance for your response! AC


Hi alejandrocerrano

1. Ez-b Is a robot "brain" (hardware (cortex m3 processor) and software together) Easy to use and learn. You do not really need programming skill. 2. 3. I use Ez-b because it makes very easy to use your robot. No need programming skill. But if you know the really basic of c programming then you can make your robot more advanced. On this page on the top headline you will see a menu "learn". There is lots of tutorial. 4. No. I am using the ARC (the software of ez-b) You can download it from here. It is free.

Only disadvantage of ez-b. You need to connect to it by wifi with a computer or mobile phone. But you have to use remote any way for any robot. And you get the power of pc.

I am not using it for so long. Since a week. And I could make my robot move. Even with voice commands.


Very interested in getting one like yours eventually and using ARC to program, like your doing. Stay in touch with us in your attempt to program with ARC. Getting JD from Santa but worked with AIBO ER7 AND ER1 for many years. Just getting back. Thanks for sharing Ron


Thanks a lot for your answers, Oaba! They would be very useful for my work with the Robonova-I ! Cheers! AC


Hi alejandro. Just about Robonova. They use special servos. Hitec HSR-8498HB. I have a topic here

This servo is not moving 180 degree with standard servo signal only about 120 degree. It Has to be modified to get it work with a standard signal. I will keep you updated at that topic.


Thanks a lot, Oaba...! I have no adequate word to express properly my thank to you, posting your research over the servos, with so great details over the electronic components. You are doing a great work and also having a great generous attitude sharing your findings with us! Please, if you do not mind, keep me updated! Thanks again! AC.