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Robocop Is Showing Now On Max Cable

My apologies for so many posts in the last few minutes. But I must say I'm getting excited about the potential of using EZ-B technology to develop some really cool projects.

Right now we are watching RoboCop on a MAX satellite channel. It used to be that I could just sit back and enjoy the good guys beating the bad jobs in this movie. However, now I'm thinking about how all of the behaviours of the "cop" could be implemented with EZ-B . . . (Do I need professional help?)



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United Kingdom
Lol, if you need help... then most of us here do too (me included).:D I find myself doing the same thing nowadays when watching anything robot related. It fun isn't it?;)
Somehow I don't think Robocop is a good role model for a benign robot line like EZ Robots. :D

But I know what you mean. I get the same sort of inspiration from seeing what the expensive smaller robots can do. Robots like NAO and The Japanese Robbi. I try to see if I can make JD do the same, or at least similar things. I really like Robbi's cute voice but haven't been able to find an artificial voice like it. The closest I have been able to find so far is "Robin" from Cepstral. It's close but not perky. I use it anyway, but the quest goes on.