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Robi Has A Design Fault

its not mine robi but i saw similar,found the problem in the legs.

there's a small edge inside the servo house and when putting, the servo in it,the wire twist when screwing the bolts in.

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the guy in the video still can laufing about it.i would freak out.


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At 1:40 he let's the magic smoke out of the arm servo. It looks like when he mounted it the servo was not centered in the correct position.


he does this automatic when gif it a id number. the problem starts when you connect the wire in the socket you hold it in your right hand. cause you have to see it,its so small.but then you have to turn the servo so the horn , is comming upwarts,thats when the problem is borne,the wire twist and gets trap between, the edge ( red arrow),you cant see what wire does when you put the servo in the case.


robi has some smoking hot dance moves:D

just kidding, maybe you can use a small nail file and file down the edge? i had to file down some parts in my robot aswell.


i notest this happens while you turn the servo whit putting in place.the wire twist and gets trapped.