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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Rgb Animator Action Panel

I opened the RGB Animator from Project --> Add --> i2c --> RGB Animator.
When I do this, the window Actions column is empty. When I click on the gear icon
The windows comes up in full form but all entries are empty.
I thought there would be a set of 'sample' actions loaded.



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United Kingdom
There are sample actions in the JD example project. You can merge this with your current project using the merge function in ARC.

Between Open and Save on the File ribbon menu is merge (two circles slightly overlapping is the icon). Click on it.
Next choose from the Examples folder (Examples button in top left of the dialogue) and select JD
When asked if you want to import the 3D model click no.
From the list which opens select the RGB Animator so it is ticked then click OK
The RGB Animator examples will be imported in to your project.

Tutorials and help pages are still being updated, I haven't checked recently but last time I did there wasn't a tutorial for it however it isn't that difficult to use. If you need help setting up actions I will gladly throw together a quick guide.
hi oldrobotbuilder

you have to make a new actions.

Thanks for your quick response. It turned out that my problem was due to improper directory paths. As I am just starting out, I deleted all my EZ=Builder directories and started over with the latest download. All works now.

Again, thanks.