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Revolution Un Answered Questions

Ok so the 3d interface is cool and everything. *eek* but I have a couple un answered questions.

1. Kinect
2. Mini-b

What about these?

(if anyone has a question to add, please do so)


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I asked DJ. The mini is still a few weeks away. He said he is going to try and keep the pricing near the current Ez-B pricing.
I think you will find Kinect support some day by a third party.
Kinect support will be official in a matter of time, I heard DJ is working on it. The update for the 3D printing thing is huge everyone! Just imagine the abundance of creativity we will see with the uploaded designs. It will also make the robot much for fun by adding new capabilities to it. (ie. New body, new gripper arm, etc.) All you need is a bunch of servos, motors, camera, the brain, basically you need a kit!
@Lumpy did you make it to the office party? If you have how about a little "reporting" :)..the "live " cameras " are weird again.
Just got back from the open house.

Downloading a few pictures now.

I'll type something up.
Awesome look forward to it.
United Kingdom
Hi can someone tell me what happened a short summary would be good I just got up *tired*

Just seen another thread on Revolution so I guess more stuff will be posted soon
LUMPY said in his post DJ is looking to keep the ez-mini near $70 and few weeks before its done.

ON kinect i dont see much use for it,mostly a very large camera and lot of processing power and current.

I already have it mounted and servo's attached and working with LINUX ROS software.
Hey, we should make a list of all the things mentioned for future ez-robot things.

What I have so far:
ardrino something(no idea what it was)
read something about being able to upload scripts to the ez-b
3d building the robot your building in ARC

What else?(note: when something comes up ill add it to the list.)