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Revolution Robots


Anyone using revolution series robots? If so what is your experience?

Just how much can you do without using the programming interface?



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Don't know where you're headed with that question. It would be like any other robot, some source of control will be needed to operate it. No one outside of the EZ-Robot staff even have this hardware yet.


I think he's wondering what the robot can do without the computer. In that case, none. The EZ-B is controlled via bluetooth/wifi and requires your PC to function.


I am looking forward to comments from end purchasers of these robots to see how they like them.

My question of how much you can do without programming is trying to ask how much can you do with the intractive definition language? Can you do scripting for semi autonomous action?

With the new android software, I understand you can run a previously designed process or script or something but that would not include any voice response. would seem to me that voice response would be needed if you were going to try to build something that you could control its actions; otherwise you are teathered to a laptop even if the interface to the robot is wifi or bluetooth.



Hi Bob! Welcome to EZ-Robot. I think the question you are asking is how much can possibly be done if there is no programming required? Well, there can be programming - but you can start without programming.

To start without programming, there are "controls" which do not require any coding to operate. They will give your robot basic abilities and movements. These can include object/color tracking, motion, animations, object avoidance, basic speec recognition, etc..

Once you become familiar and comfortable with ARC, then you can start using EZ-Script - which is the programming side. With EZ-Script, you can do anything your heart desires:)

You also have the ability to use our EZ-SDK which offers C++, C# and VB ability. There is a Python and javascript interface also that our community members have created.

The iPhone/Android app does not require to be tethered to the PC. It is a standalone app. If you have watched a video on the HTTP, that's an old version. The new App is standalone and does not require the PC. You only need the PC to create the App. Once created, it is saved to our EZ-Cloud App Store to be accessible over the internet:)


I'm a little confused but i'll try. Rich has wrote a script for autonomous movement and crash protection. If you asking for something like letting the robot choose what to say or do, you can write a script, or use the personality generator.

Voice Responses are possible especially now that the ez-b has speakers. Before, people would use wireless speakers and in speech recognition they would write script to get the robot to do what was asked and respond. That all works through the computer your using with a microphone.

The new apps for android and iOS require the ARC setup to be made on a computer before they can be used on a mobile device.

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Just a side note, my roaming script is just a small example of what can be done and while it pretty much only does the same thing as the built in radar control with object/collision detection and avoidance it is a good base to start from with your own script to have your robot work autonomously.

As DJ said, with EZ-Script you can do anything your heart desires. It's between ARC and the EZ-SDK, it can use the built in controls in ARC but can also work out complex algorithms. It's an easy language to learn too for anyone, even those with no prior programming experience (in my opinion it's easier to use for those with no programming background as I have seen examples where programmers have assumed functions exist or work one way when they either are not required or work differently).

While only EZ-Robot staff have used the V4s (some people have printed the robots for use with the V3) the basics should remain pretty much the same. There are additional features and functions with the V4s however if you are interested in seeing how the EZ-B and software work there are a whole load of user projects and robots in the showcase which demonstrate how powerful the hardware and software is.

When the V4s and Revolution robots are delivered I'm sure you will see a bunch of reviews. I for one am planning to make a whole bunch of videos from unboxing to putting it all together and using it. My videos will probably be totally uncut and a one shot deal i.e. not scripted, not rehearsed just raw footage as if you are there with me when I open the box until I finish playing with it.


Thanks for the replys. Any idea when the Revolution robots will be delivered?



Those who pre-ordered prior to December 4th received an email with a 4-6 week shipping estimate. I haven't heard any update since then, so I would say shipping should be expected within the next 3 weeks. If, like the EZ-B v3, they are drop shipping from the manufacturer in China, add another week or two for expected delivery.