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Revolution Live Stream Cant Hear Audio(Dj!)

Dj, no one can hear the audio coming out of the livestream. its just a faint whistling noise.


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robotmaker, why are you a ghost?(yes, I enabled it to show ghost posts)

New Zealand

Yes my students and I are watching from New Zealand but there is no sound.....


Lets hope not hearing the audio is on purpose. and that we'll be able to hear the presentation.


Had to do with problem with RICH,I he is still about his last remark about taking ghost users with a pinch of salt BEST way i will never answer his posts so will never be a problem on the forum any more.

Only a ghost user for a little time,will be posting so many projects since i have more time now.


anyone in the U.S have can't hear?


Y don't you start posting your projects now. We have only seen a little of one project.


no audio AND people are frozen at 6:37 with drinks in their hands........Robotmaker yes! post more pics of your projects, we know your retired now (congratulations bytw) and have TONS of time!


Kinda hard to post when as a ghost user,only a few will see them. GOOD news they are saved and with comments on my computer. I guess you need to ask DJ why he wont take me off ghost user its been or more.

United Kingdom

You know, sometimes I do something I wish I hadn't and enabling ghost users posts was one of those times, they will promptly be disabled again since there's a lack of any change in behaviour.

On to the real reply... Is the presentation going to be posted on YouTube? From the looks of it it's just official confirmation of what we already knew/guessed/speculated but I'd be really interested in seeing it.

United Kingdom

Thanks Niek, I'll check that out when I finish work (or get some time when I can have sound) :)

United Kingdom

Here we go:) I haven't watched it yet (no sound at the moment) but for anyone else who wants to see it, I make it nice and easy for ya... In the words of Aerosmith, Just push play:D


Let sleeping ghosts lie....

United Kingdom

Emm maybe I need to need to get a 3D printer with the bonus that I may or maybe not get?

@Troy :)



I am very excited for you. Everything is looking good!



Party look very good i see over 30 people was there,cant wait for the new changes.

United Kingdom

It looks like I may need to brush up on my drawing skills, although we kinda knew that 3d printing was coming anyway. What I was pleased to hear was the inclusion of the community print feature though, hopefully that will save on some shipping costs.

And EZ-Cloud V2, that's exactly what I need (although have sorted my own workaround but that news has convinced me to take a step back from it and see what V2 is all about).

Very excited to see where we can take the EZ-Experience between us all:) I can see some amazing things happening and being built.

Now on with the rest of the youtube video... only another 2 hours to get through :D


Looking to get a 3D PRINTER SOON ,need to look at the costs One is to buy a very high cost 3D printer and will last very long only drawback will it be worth it and will i get a lot of use for it.

Second is lower cost 3D printer ,not paying much and very little printing done,drawback it may not last long.

NOT in production so i guess the second idea,should hold up for a long time and not wasting much cash.