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Revolution Jd Arms Locking Behind Back Doing The Haunt Me Sample Dance

I got JD and enjoyed putting him together and setting everything up. I got as far as trying the sample dance "Haunt me" without any frustration or hick ups. He started the dance and went along very well for a while but when his hands got behind his back they would get stuck behind his upper legs and pulled the arms right out of the shoulder servo. I tried moving the grippers a bit sideways. away from the body when at attention but to no avail. Where and how do I change that? Is there a common error made by new JD owners that results in that behavior?
I have followed all the tutorials to the letter and everything is configured properly and looking as per the pictures.


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Can you post a video of what it's doing? That would make it easier to help you out.


Sounds like the shoulders are connected opposite from each other. His arms should be moving forward, not behind. Swap the connections for the shoulder servos:)