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Replaced The Rectifiers And A Diode-Ezb Working Again!

Well, I replaced the regulators again. And I replaced a diode on the pc and the EZB started working again. It is a Tough little board.


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Working again, not working again, working again... sheesh, I lost track a few not working's ago...
I was confused myself but regardless I'm glad your back up and running again. Congrats!
Thanks, Guys. It was blown when I did that charger jack. I hooked everything up logically. Red to VCC+ and Black to ground. But, come to find out as stated on the forum AFTER I blew up my EZB, the voltage on the omni was reverse voltage. So, when I thought I was hooking up to positive it was negative. So, it fried my regulators. I replaced them, but I blew them again when I was tired and was checking my voltages. I also blew a diode. I did not have the same diode, but it seemed to work fine with my replacement general purpose diode. So, all is well now (I think). I am happy. Thanks for all of your support.

@MovieMaker, It's good that you finally got it working fully. I couldn't help but notice that there is a lack of protection circuitry which could help us avoid such situation. In this case. I think this is a common mistake and there should be enough protection in the circuitry to avoid it. Hopefully you make the same mistake again. There is however one particular work around to this issue, without having to modify the circuitry, you just have to add an extra circuit in which the ground is connected to the terminals through a switch which is controlled by the positive side voltage, that way, you won't blow up anything even if you mistakenly connect the opposite power terminals.

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