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Replace Bluetooth With Usb Cable

is there a way to replace bluetooth with usb cable


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If you use a TTL usb adapter, yup:)

Connect the RX and TX lines off the TTL usb adapter to the EZ-B plug and voila
Excuse my ignorance
Will EZ B still connect to ARC for programing
i want my bot to be autominous so i don't mind not having
BT control over it
Yes, My omnibot has a USB->TTL adapter i got from SparkFun and it works just like the Bluetooth.
hay niek
could you give me link please
Got rx/tx connected to usb, soild LED, could you tell me how to find com ports in
windows xp or what to do to connect to ARC
Go to Start menu -> Devices and printers.

At the bottom, you should see a 'USB COM port (COM...)'
Niek ----What is the part number or link for the USB->TTL adapter you got from Sparkfun?

Do you need to also hook up the USB->TTL adapter GND to the EZ-B GND? Or are you only using the Tx and Rx?
You can use DEV-09716.

Connecting ground is necessary, you can see how i connected mine in my omnibot video part 2 at (1:35):

Thanks Niek! I appreciate the help.

So the Sparkfun board Rx goes to Rx on the EZ-B and the Tx goes to Tx on the EZ-B and GND to GND.

Will I need to use 3.3V or 5 V?

Did you have any problems, or have to make any modifications to the Sparkfun Board you recommended? I am ready to order it now but I read through the comment section and it seems many people have had issues with it.