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Remote Mouse

The Remote Mouse tool can display the position of the mouse by returning the coordinate values. Are the button signals, left click or right click able to be used or monitored ? ( high or low (zero or one) )

I want to use the left and right click of the mouse in a script.

I know this may sound weird, but I want to use the input, local to the computer, not at the EZB. The screen will not be visible. The mouse will be used as a remote push button.

Possible ?

Otherwise a quick fix is a second IoTiny with two buttons.


Upgrade to ARC Pro

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I will give you a hint since you are new to ez robot... :) Look at the ControlCommand() for all the options available for the remote mouse control...


Are you asking if you can detect mouse clicks rather than execute them? I don't think it can do that.

However, depending on what you are trying to do, you might be able to click on something else (like a script window start command) which you could then detect.

Give us some more background on your end goal vs how you think you want to implement it and we can give better advise.



Yes I would like to detect the mouse click. I want to use it as push buttons in a script. If not possible, I will have to add another iotiny with two buttons installed.

I don't want to use my phone either.


Hi Ron,

Yes you can automate the mouse pointer and the clicks. I do this with my Data and Spock projects because I have so much going on I always need to do a auto control set on the project load.

You can move the mouse and click things with in the ARC window and controls and even across the different ARC virtual desktops. It won't matter if you don't have display turned on or actively connected, however, you will need to have display in order to set the mouse position points and then if those ever change through like a driver settings or you change monitors, then all of your mouse settings will probably be off.


Thank Richard, but not the functions I want.


Hi Justin, It looks like it is not going to work for me. I will have to pull an IoTiny out of something and just add the buttons. The "remote" will be kept in my pocket.

Thanks to all..


Just for clarity, I wanted to be able to control to functions on Antonn. The Latte panda is installed in him.


I agree Ron, for your application it won't work. There is the joy stick control in ARC for the Logitech Gamepad F710 wireless joystick, Amazon has them for about $40.


Ron, Did you tried a Bluetooth joystick ?



I have this one:

It's very easy to setup on Raspberry PI zero, and when i need on windows i run a client / server script.

I successful paired with my Windows 10. It works so no need for a raspberry pi zero:)

I can create a plugin.

There are a lot cheap versions, maybe they will work or not, the above model i know it works.


Hi @ptp,

Thanks for the option. I appreciate your interest. I decided to re-program the script using a command to turn it on and off. It will work for the presentation. Antonn interrupts conversations, so I needed to pause the speech recognition when people are talking.

I use a wireless mouse hooked up to the Latte Panda. That's why I wanted to try to use the mouse buttons as switches.

I have a wireless remote keychain somewhere. (Misplaced it again, LOL). Once I find it I will hook it up to two inputs and the problem will be solved.

Thanks to All that contributed advice.


"I have a wireless remote keychain somewhere. (Misplaced it again, LOL). Once I find it I will hook it up to two inputs and the problem will be solved. "

I was going to recommend one of these. I have one sitting around somewhere too, but the one I have is no longer for sale (although if the battery will still charge, I could probably part with it. I have moved to using my smartwatch for remote control).



How you hook up the wireless remote keychain ?



How you hook up the wireless remote keychain ?

Mine is a little Bluetooth joystick (actually, just drives the arrow keys and 4 buttons that emulate keystrokes, so it is really a keyboard not a joystick) but would be perfect for this use case.

This is the device I have. No longer available, and rightfully so if you read the review in the second link.

So, horrible for what it was designed for, but as a basic pocket size robot controller, actually worked OK. Given that it has a rechargeable, not a replaceable battery, I suspect mine is long dead. Haven't touched it in well over a year.



How you map the arrow keys / keystrokes to ARC actions ?



How you map the arrow keys / keystrokes to ARC actions ?

Arrow keys just work like keyboard arrow keys, so drive a movement panel. Other keys mapped to specific keystrokes and so mapped to the keyboard control where I assign script actions to different keys. Only issue is the key control needs focus to accept key commands, so I used remote mouse plugin to give it focus as part of my init script.



@ ptp and @tehtechguru I'm all set. Thanks.

Another fun road trip for Antonn. I thought about sitting him the front seat this time. If his arms worked he could wave.... LOL .... He likes Willie Nelson's song "On the Road Again".

Someday, EZ Robot Driverless cars ? Dj really needs to finish the Navigation system he is working on LOL .


With Anton in the front seat, you might be able to use the HOV2 lanes;)


Yep ! That is what we did.... He looks good wearing his favorite hat. Back home and all went well. Everything went as planned. A fun trip.