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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Remote Control Workspace?

I found myself with a little rare time on my hands, so I am trying out ARC beta to see what has changed since the last time I worked on my robots.

I noticed in the workspaces (formerly Desktops) there is one called Remote Control.  Can't find any documentation on it.  Did I miss something, or is it an undocumented work in progress?

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Was just coming here to say that I found it......  Thought it was something new.

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Thinking Remote may not be the best name for the workspace anymore, since you can now make it full screen on the machine running ARC (in fact, that is what I plan on doing.  Just got a chinese 8" table to replace my Acer W3 that died and I plan on installing it in the robot and having some basic touch controls on the screen on the robot, and use the HTTP Advanced server and my old Smartwatch control project for remote control if/when needed.

(minor nit though...  much more important stuff to work on).

Thanks for taking my suggestion and renaming the Remote workspace.  

I hope I get more time to work with ARC in the near future.  I really want to get started on building the robot I have been planning and dreaming about for years.  I think I am going to stop trying to come up with the perfect plan and jsut start building.  I can always rebuild it better once I get started.