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Remote Areas No Wi-Fi Available,Ad Hoc

sorry just wondering about any ad hoc setting between ez b robot cotroller and my laptop/android phone. Will it work out at my cottage where we have no wi-fi available? I want to control robot outside at night to document animals coming around at night ,does the ez b still make it's own wifi connection to my laptop/cell phone? confused


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Yes, just connect to your ezb directly using WP mode instead of client mode... Still wifi just not through a router. One caveat (would be the same in client mode but the distance would probably be greater) is that your robot has to be within wifi range of your laptop...


If you need more range, you can always take a WiFi router with you. Most (all?) will work even without an internet connection for connecting devices to each other. Probably not needed, the EZ-B range is pretty good anyway, but if you put it half way between your phone/laptop and the max distance you want the robot to go, you essentially double to possible range.



Yes I was just actually just thinking about a wi-fi extender,thanks!


this just reminded me of a question, can the ez-b work with public wifi router setups?



this just reminded me of a question, can the ez-b work with public wifi router setups?

Most require confirming the terms of service before they actually route traffic, and many block traffic between connected devices on the router for security, so not likely.

Better would be to connect your computer to the public WiFi, then use Internet connection sharing to serve up network connections to the EZ-B(s).

See for a good article on setting that up.



Also, on public networks. Even a hotel or any public network that doesn't require a web authentication, and relies on an SSID password (WPA/WPA2, etc), they will most likely be configured for AP Isolation. Which means no clients can see each other.


Good to know, had though bout bringing cybot to a place that had a public wifi to setup so that i could access things like pandora if desired and show the robot off.


What if our robot and project has more then one EZB. Can we use WP mode to connect to all EZB's?

My guess is "no" and I'd have to bring a router along on the road and keep the EZB's in Client mode.


@Dave, the 4/2 can act as an AP for other EZ-Bs, or if you follow the link in my post above it shows how to make your computer act as a router.

That being said, you can get a nice little TP-Link travel router that runs on 5v for about $25 and makes it easy.



Thanks for the guidance Alan. I should have followed your link first off. It looks like it has the answers to all my questions. I'm off to study up on it now. :)