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I am continuing to test my new Kit and servos with various commands. Servo(D*) (*=whatever port chosen) works fine, ServoRandom(D*) works great, ReleaseAll() works well.....but.......Release(D*) comes back with an error of " Unknown servo Port D(*)! I would appreciate anyone trying their Release(D1) (or whatever port) and verifying. Thank you!:)

To add to this thread,using a ServoSpeed(d1,25) before or after Servo(D1,10) Sleep(2000) Servo(D1,90) ,ReleaseAll(), then removing the ServoSpeed command with a # at the script line, it does not return to its normal speed until I reboot(pwr off and on the EZ board and reestablish the connection)? Perhaps there is a tutorial on this specific observation/test?
Snow!? 4 letter word! Well for one thing were at sea level and we are called the bannana belt of Canada:) rarely snows..we have to drive to the snow! thanks orwnic82....hmmm a robotic boat..I guess thats called autopilot..not recomended with such close proximity to many islands..BUT back to robotics..I want to see robotic fish in Josh's aquarium!

I'm in lower Wisconsin, USA. How long will it take me to drive to your house? Maybe I can stop by for a visit next weekend? Your place looks like a good place for me to hang out for a few weeks! Maybe we can spend the time on your boat, drinking wine and writing EZ-B script. Of course there would be women present. *cool*

Your very good and devoted friend, Dave Schulpius
Indeed Dave! You would be most welcome! Sailing this time of year is a bit brisk, but when the sun is shining, there's nothing like it. The wine would be mulled(spiced and hot),and most DEFinately our ladies present. I am thinking a 3 day drive over the rockies followed by a wonderful Ferry ride from Seattle to Victoria and then another 20 minute ferry to Fulford! When were not sailing or writing Script(top priority,followed by wine) we could be doing archery or teaching you the Arte of Defence(I teach 16th century Rapier(think muskateer):)
Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a week or two! After looking at the map I would think a car ride straight north and then pick up a train west to the coast. I've always wanted to take a train trip through Canada and on up to Alaska where my Mom and Dad met and married.

You've mentioned two of my fond interests; Swords and Archery. Well, maybe four; wine and women also. :)

Can you make out what is hanging on the wall behind the head of my B9 in the pic below? I have them all over walls of my home office:

User-inserted image
Sweet Swept hilt rapier! Darkwood armoury?....Bring it and we can sword fight on board the Sea Witch! Oh and B9 is freaking awesome! In the pic I am the one in black and silver using a spanish cup hilt
User-inserted image

Cant remember where I got the rapier but you do look good in that head gear. :P