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Relative Position Object Tracking

Hello I have the head all built and the eye mechanism with 2 servos too up/down , left and right.

Which is the best skill i need to get teh eyes also following an object or face .... ?

many thanx in advance.... 

i added a youtube clip of what im looking for.


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#1   — Edited
This isn't exactly a object tracking tutorial but it is an excellent video to watch that will give you a good base of knowledge of how to use the skill your trying for:
Learning an object  

Explore this website. your answer is here. I don't have anymore time to search for it. Have fun.
#2   — Edited
Bman - 

1) Add the camera device

2) click on the config button on the camera device to see the config window

3) enable servo tracking checkbox

4) enable relative tracking checbox

5) select your servos and their ranges


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