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Regulators , Bec Switching , Step Down Buck Converters , Data , Tests And Sugge

I think the recent questions about regulation of voltage it would be helpful to post a tutorial style information center. I happen to have obtained many of the common sub 15 amp regulators. Having them all in one place provides some advantages in that I can directly compare them in size , efficiency , temperature ect. If you have a suggestion of info to add into this post I will consider adding it for future reference. If there is a regulator that is easily obtained and cheap you would like me to work in please just let me know. As for the premade step down regulators on a premade board this is what I have...
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I wil look up the data sheet and post info. As I obtain more I will just edit this initial post so information is quick to find. - Josh S


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United Kingdom
a suggestion, if you hadn't already planned it, it would be great to have detailed explanations of what they are and why they are required along with something about proper selection of the correct size and type of regulator.
I have the two small ones and the 15A one whichever one that is. I think it is the next one up. I haven't gotten it in yet. (Slow shipping)