Reducing Sensitivity Setting And Max Speeds

So close to finishing things, I'm stuck trying to make Chopper easy to control.

Background I'm using the joystick 1 controls movement, a sabertooth Movement Panel controlled by an Arduino Uno, Simplified Serial Mode 9600 Baud. 24vdc supplies the Sabertooth to drive 2x 150w motors.

The issue I'm having is it's very all or nothing, which would not be too bad but at max speed is crazy fast.

I saw on what I think is an older version of the joystick control, a sensitivity option but it looks like that's gone?  Ideally, I'd like to reduce the top speed I just need him to amble along.

I feel like I'm overlooking a setting but I can't find anything that looks close

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I think a max speed option in the sabertooth Movement Panel would be useful. Or in the joystick robot skill. Wonder which would make the most sense?


I'm not familiar with the other options for movement, but if they don't have the option it may be better to apply it to the joystick when it's used for movement, so it covers multiple panels?


Ah good point. Joystick it is!


That would be awesome.

Would it be possible to also some how adjust the overal sensitivity so it adjust with the setting e.g. once the max output is set to say 50%, 50% stick input you now gives 25% total?


Just saw the update!!! thanks

Did some quick testing and with adjusting it down to 50 it seems very manageable, I'll confirm fully when I fix another issue I now have with the dome.