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Really Big Mini Servo's

are these mesurements correct?looks huge miniservo.
User-inserted image


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LOL... That's one huge mini servo.... Good catch... I think they mean mm's
To me that looks big:) not like the one I have hear on my bench that's the size of a dime that's kind of small for my needs
I need a mini that has enough power to push a button
oops I kind of let the cat out of the bag on one little project im working on lol
i think these are iff you build life size abrahams tank. :D
are these size taken from hole to hole?
does any have the size from middle axel to the end?
User-inserted image

sorry about all questions.but i need the size for my project jd.

thank you
User-inserted image
They are size of the box. Not the end connectors
sinds this is a post about sizes.am i wrong here but did i read earlier,
a diff size?37 cm.

User-inserted image