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Rc Lawnmower

These Rc lawnmowers caught my attention, So i purchased a spectrum DXE remote controler with reciever, also purchased a 2x32 sabertooth drive. I have a key start mower, just don’t know what othe components i need to start my mower from the controller any help please?


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When you load ARC, it directs you to the learn section to begin activities. The sabertooth has a great manual for the EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller as well. Check the learn section by moving your mouse cursor to the top menu of this website and clicking on the word LEARN. Have fun!


Jaimito, if you are referring to start your mower via radio control, then read the reply I put on your sabertooth post...

If your looking to use the EZ-B V4, then follow DJ's advice...


Sabertooth has worked great on my hacked Friendly Robotics mower. I don't use it for mowing anymore, but I do use it for robotics tinkering. The Sabertooth is great because you can easily configure for either RC mode or interfacing with the EZB for control.

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After building my rc mower i’ve decided i want to install an alternator..My rc mower is working off of 2 12v in series (24v)  deep cycle batteries,,, but how do i choose my alternator to run the same voltage??  And how would i hook it up??


@Jaimito... So you are building a remote control lawnmower with limited electronic knowledge or skill?... What could go wrong? Sorry no offence intended. I will help you out a bit, though. Most alternators produce AC current. You are going to also need a 24V rectifier/voltage regulator to convert the ac to dc current.  If the alternator you buy doesn't have a build in rectifier then I recommend a 'series" type rectifier as a better option than a shunt type (which "shunts" the excess current to ground). Excessive current to ground can overheat and damage an alternator... Oh and don't forget a main fuse to prevent the lawnmower going up in flames...:p


Not building, been built for about a year now, enjoying it very much just thought it would be much better if it could produce its own charge


Your right i do not know how to hook it up thats why i’m doing my homework before doing anything

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You can use a relay to start the lawn mower. A solid state relay will connect directly to the EZ-B. If the lawn mower has a key, you merely need to use the key wires. You will need a second relay to hold the key in the running position. So essentially, one relay is for starting and the other is for running. The EZ-B v4 can control both of those relays easily. Just tap into the wires of the key lock and you're good to go:D

use the ARC script command SET() to turn on or off a port, which turns on or off the solid state relay.

As for knowing when the engine is running... You can detect a stall by monitoring the Stator or Alternator (which ever it has). It most likely has a stator, so it'll be giving off voltage that goes to the rectifier. The rectifier turns the AC current from the stator into DC +5 and/or +12 for electronics/lights. If you monitor that voltage from the rectifier with the ADC port of the EZ-B, you can detect when the engine is running. The ADC can only support up to +5v, so you'll need to use a voltage divider if the rectifier returns +12v. A voltage divider is merely 2 or 3 resistors and there's online calculators that'll help you determine the values needed. Start by finding what voltage and pins you'll need to detect from the rectifier first. You can read the voltage of a port with ARC script command GETADC() to see if the engine is running.

Lastly, i highly recommend an emergency shutdown. I'd recommend both a manual switch AND a relay on the EZ-B v4 connection status pin. The EZ-B v4 has a setting in the web configuration that lets you determine status of a connection on a digital pin. This means that if the lawn mower disconnects from the PC, the pin will go LOW and you can shut off the relay to the engine.