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Raspberry Pi

Well, it looks like it is finally available. They say around $35.00, very exciting.

Raspberry Pi


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Interesting, looks like a mini computer.
DJ, it would be possible to use as on-board computer in a robot using ARC? *confused*
It will be he showed us this a while back. When it was still in production.
i assume you load ezb on the memory card. right? then coneect any wireless mic, joystick, sound card, anything......the bot woould have to be big enought o fit it all inside right.
Would DJ have to port to linux? My understanding is there would be no support of this device with Windows OS's. Does that mean we would lose voice recognition? As I assume ARC is using Windows voice recognition to deliver commands?!
Hi All,

Yes, Raspberry Pi is Linux. I have not heard of any Windows support for it yet and I have been watching it. Very cool devices. There are other Voice Recognition and Speech to Text Engines available for Linux as well, but this would probably be a pretty big transition for ARC I believe. This could be very useful for some other things however and perfect size for onboard a bot.
:) The raspberry pi is considerably under powered for a full featured ARC, but it will suffice for a very minimal set of features. ARC is being ported to work under linux right now:) That's why i've been so been so busy!
Nice to hear form you DJ. Thought you were on a trip or something. Just how underpowered is it? I was so excited, now maybe not.
DJ, any Eta for the new ARC? I am looking forward to 140 steps on a servo! Also excited to see biped in action.
I too would like to know of a micro PC alternative for a Small Form Robot:)
I feel fit-pc is the best bang for your buck. It's sure more than 35 dollars, but it's a real computer. We can code specific applications for the processor in the raspberry pi, but it couldn't be a generic ui like ARC. I'll know more once I get one. My gut says no enough juice:)

As for the latest update, I'm almost done!:) I have servo speeds also again. This firmware is going to knock your socks off!
Ughhh I can't wait!!!!!!!
You used to like the MINI ITX. Is it still a favorit? It is $200.00 cheaper.
There are even smaller PCs out there sporting AMD low wattage CPUs that are the size of a pack of cigarettes with a WiFi antenna popping out. Then you have full capabilities.
Hey jstarne1:)
Do you have links to those?
DJ, what about using the Raspberry Pi as just a gateway device to ARC still running on a full blown PC?
Imagen hooking up the EZ-B to it via a USB serial cable, adding speakers, USB cameras, and a USB Wifi adaptor. All the raspberry pi has to do is relay the needed data to ARC on the real computer.
@ndavid79 that's not a bad idea! you're a smarty
Dj any word on the linux port ?

Ubuntu is by far my favourite OS - I heard Steam will be available on Linux soon so in the future I may get rid of windows all together.