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Radio Shack - The Great Creation

Have you built a robot from a radio shack toy? Have you used any Radio Shack parts in your robot? If so, get exposure of your robot by posting a video, pictures and short description to the Radio Shack DIY website.:)

Ah! So radioshack Robie Sr, would count right?
Also they sold rad.1.0 and 2.0 back when
Sweet! You can have multiple projects up:)
Well I have submitted B.O.B. - now to see if they post him....

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Awsome! I bet they will
I have not submitted anything yet. The mech warrior Omnibot is almost done though so maybe I'll submit that first.
WooHoo! Alright Josh! I guess it is just you and me so far. As soon as I finish RoboRad I will be adding him too.
Yup! Two of the most active builders here;) I will post the rattler battle bot when it had arms and the sr robie that we did the camo paint on. I guess if I think about it all my robots were at one time sold by radioshack;) lots more props for EZ - Robot.com:)
Nice post! And I shamelessly put another plug for EZ-Robot in your comments section:D
Whenever you add another project paste a link to the forum thread for your project. It raises ez robots search ranking and increases traffic.
OK, With I had done that. Maybe I can edit and add. I'll try.
Well I purchased all my switches , resisters , diodes solder ect from radioshack so im guessing I will submit the Smart Saltwater tank project soon:)
Now that the Smart Aquarium controller has started running I submitted the project to The Great Create! ANOTHER Ez Robot plug.
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Yes , omnibot , omnibot 2000, rad 1.0 and 2.0 , Robie Sr and Robie Jr