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Radar Scan/Ping Sensor

I watched the video tutorial of Dj on the radar scan and how to hook it up, I noticed he said always remember, negative is always in the center, did he make a mistake when he said that, or was that a different board? Also, I did that exact setup and I can't get my tamiya tank to respond(also, I set the settings real close to his), the servo scans like it's supposed to but it will not stop when it gets near anything, I put it on my bench on top of a stand so the tracks can run free and I would wave my hand in front of it and got absolutely no response, am I doing anything wrong? Please don't tell me I have a bad board.


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Ground is always towards the center of the board. If looking at the board and the digital ports are running down the right of the board then the left hand pins are ground.

Connections to the sensor are; Cable 1 Ground to Ground VCC to VCC Signal to Trig Cable 2 Signal to Echo

Like this; User-inserted image

Be aware that the ping sensor is not good for all objects. A combination of ultra sonic and infra red may be required. I believe ultra sonic doesn't work good with black furniture.


Yes, did you watch that video I'm talking about? The diagram you have here is what I mean, the neg is on the left so pos is always in the center most of the times, right.and while your here, tell me , what are these wires that are included for look at the one end, it's a male plug encased and then a female on the other end, what is that intended for? User-inserted image


I went to collision detection and tried that too to no avail, what do you thing the problem is?

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Those wires are for soldering to the sensor. Cut off the female end and solder the wires to the sensor, leaving th emale end to plug on to the EZ-B


one more quick question, I have the rover from brookstone, I can operate that from my ARC software through my http right?, I mean the board doesnt have to be attached to the rover does it?

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No connection from rover to board is needed. It connects through the WiFi.


I hate to sound dumb but when you say wifi, I have a wireless router but how do I connect to the rover through ARC? I've watched the tutorial but he says go to your wifi list, is he on a laptop or a desktop, can I do this from my desktop where I am wired to my router even though a I have a wireless router, my desktop isn' wireless, thats where i'm confused.


do you think network magic has something to do with it?

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The PC that connects to the Rover will need to have WiFi. If your desktop is wired then it will not be able to connect to it. You connect to the Rover like you connect to your router. While connected you will not have access to the internet or your home LAN unless you have two WiFi cards/dongles.

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I usually am;) (I try not to post if I'm not entirely sure of myself). But I'm here to help so it's all good :)

I assume it's all sorted then?


Yes, it works perfectly, I soldered the wires to the sensor and went straight to the board with it, remember when I said I used jumpers, well, I guess you can't assume they are making contact even though they are plugged into the modular plugs, lesson learned, thanks a again.