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Resolved Resolved by Nomad 6R!


This could be a dumb question but has something changed for pushing a button on EZB4 to reset network and then getting on the EZB website to configure AP mode back to Client mode? there used to be a where you click at the top left of connection window that would go to the configuration web page, Now can't find it? IP address also not working when I type it in manually, sorry been a few years since I have done this, was way easier before? YA IT Looks like the round icon is missing at the top of connection window,I tried the EZb4 settings skill, but it is supposed to reset EZB but never does? What ? it looks like that old gear icon is missing for a long time LOL! How is everyone else able to see the web server and change to Client mode,also port tests and configure the Battery power alarm. I guess I have alot of reading to do again. Was only using AP mode for last year now to get on home Wifi looks like a challenge.

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hi roborad

turn on your ezb  and then go to your wifi settings to check if you can see your ezb . 
then open your browser url and typ . its not in ARC anymore .
I tried that but I get error at that Ip address so maybe I will try a different computer. Weird because the AP mode works perfectly.
:DI tried Nomad's instructions and it did work this time. Weird because I tried that before like 3 times and was errors. Now I see the EZrobot client page. Possible that turning off my AVG anti-virus temporary helped. Thanks guys for Quick responses!
hi dj/roborad

roborad . if you try many times in a row best to delete your browser hystory to and reboot .