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R2d2 Project - Questions Re Ez Robot

Hi, I am currently building an R2D2. I have the drive and dome motors running off RC fine. I came accross the EZ robot platform on Youtube as was consideration arduino for lights/sound and dome panel animation. I have some questions regarding EZ robot and the project

  1. I have a sabertooth motor control in place for the scooter motors, is EZ robot able to integrate with it? Similar question for the dome
  2. The pie panels will open and close with servos, is it possible to program multiple servo animations
  3. I would like r2 to funtion in an 'rc' type way and an automated way - maybe in reaction to voice commands - is this possible
  4. does the EZ robot need continual connection to a PC, I noted there were android options, if so I have a Microsoft surface 2 with I7 processor and 8 GB of ram , would this be able to run the software and be a romote (it's touch screen) Thanks Steve Greenfield


Upgrade to ARC Pro

Harnessing the power of ARC Pro, your robot can be more than just a simple automated machine.


@Ikai... welcome to the world above the Arduino.... LOL

  1. Yes, sabertooth works beautifully with the ezb4
  2. Yes, the ezb can do multiple servo moves and has an awesome Auto Position control to set up animation for servo movements using frames and actions... Puts Flowbotics to shame....
  3. Hell yeah, and you can do it on the fly (switch back and forth from RC to autonomous) with voice command or click of a mouse
  4. Yes, but you now have got the power of a pc in your robot... It's seamless, fast and works over the wifi network... Also no unplugging your controller then plugging it into the PC in order to change your code.... Everything is real time.... Your Surface will work great with ARC software....

As soon as you wrap your head around the way the ezb4 works, you'll be stunned at how much better of a robot controller it is than the arduino....

EDIT ARC won't run under Windows RT, unfortunately...

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excellent, looks like will be gettign the development kit then.thank you


@Ikai .... Awesome.... you won't regret it man.... This forum is a great resource if you get stuck on anything... Feel free to post anytime... When you have a chance read through as many of the learning tutorials if you haven't already done so...

P.S. My first project with ez robot was an Interactive R2 D2 that I gutted and installed an ezb3 (older version) in it.... Sabertooth too :) It worked so much better than it did when it was all original...


One correction. From what I have seen, the Surface pro 2 is Windows RT, not full Windows. ARC does not run on Windows RT. You could have a real PC running ARC and then use TeamViewer, Spashtop, or RDP to remote into the PC from the Surface pro 2. (The Surface Pro 3 runs full windows, and Microsoft seems to have given up on RT because it was a stupid idea...).


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Hi guys, my fault, its a Surface 8 pro, runs full windows 8.1, has a I7 processor and 8 GB of ram so hopefully ok, I also have a Dell 8 tablet that runs full windows 8 , depends how power hungry the program is


@Ikai ... No worries... It's good as long as it runs a full version of Windows (meaning, not RT)....


app is not very resource hungry, so either tablet should be fine. Biggest hitter surprisingly is if you use a lot of MP3's in one of the soundboard objects. They all get loaded into memory on launch, so can chew up a lot of resources if you have a lot of songs or pre-recorded sounds as part of your project.



@Ikai I have EZb running my whole r2 ( not the Teeces dome lights) it works great:)


I currently am working on a R7 and using the ezb with no problems

my build