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R2d2 Pcb Main Board And Mic

I have a working R2-D2 and I was wondering if you can use the part that drives the head back-back-forth on the servo with some sort of converter bored. I'm looking for sound localization board,however, it doesn't seem anybody sells them. I know some people have made them but are unwilling to share even though I'm willing to pay for it.

So my thinking is to use the boards from R2-D2, there is only a positive and a negative going to the motor when you say hey r2 it turns in the Direction of the sound. My question. Is there a way to use the positive and negative connected to either a premade board or one that I could make myself that would allow it to connect to a servo Drive the head left or right?

I know that I'd have to say hey r2 for it to work but it would strictly be for moving the head left or right of the direction of the sound.

I have tried some of the people's posts even with a capacitor connected to each sound microphone but it is not that great and it seems to work half the time . Anyone has an idea I'd love to hear thanks .



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Thanks for this link, I'll have a look.
@proteusy. My issue, I no nothing about Ardinuo programming.

I was hoping someone either knows how to convert the pos and negative on the r2d2 power board to a control a servo or someone sells a sound localization to use without having to program to much. It seems like someone would, I just haven't seen any.

I dont use arduino. I simply use the Envelope Pin output from the sound detector to the adc ports in the EZB.