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R2d2 Ideas

check out the video...its awesome...and this dude is using a crappy little r2d2. imagine that on our hasbro artoos that are much bigger......so awesome, im hacking mine up tonight. all the ligths sounds sensors and dances...sooo good

also check out the table edge detector and bump sensor he has on it.
7"in artoo with cool features


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I have this same source r2d2 that I have started modifying, but his looks way slicker than mine will end up.

The bubble bath bottle (for that's what it was) was an incredibly authentic replica, for what it was. Although only usable in tricycle mode, the side legs do swivel at the shoulder (while the feet stay fixed at that angle).

There's plenty of room inside the barrel body for the ezb and battery pack. The head can hold the standard servo for swiveling. But what I have started on with the driving servos in his feet cuts harge holes with the servos sticking out.

i know right! this guy is good...and i think he did this with an arduino board...

anywho, i have the hasbro r2d2. 3 times as big....i just really like the idea of the edge and bump sensors....

i thinkn one thing i will have issues with are the "screens" in the dome.....not just lights but small lcd screens with patterns....if he can do it on such a small scale i know we can get it done on our r2's

and arms...i want the artoo arms to move as if to slant the r2d2 body

i think the r2 project might be beyond my ability....maybe i will wait for some awesome people here to start before i do.
I have also have the Hasbro R2 but I dont know yet if I want to hack it up since Im working on a lifesize version of R2D2. A thread will be coming out soon on that.
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oh wow....thanks for the pic porn...are you controlling the life size and hasbro with the ezb?

are you making the parts from "Scratch"?
what are some of your plans...i figure with so much space inside...go all out.

i need moar!
does anyone know how to make the edge sensor and bump sensors that are in the video in opening post.?