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Quick Servo Question Before I Order

Looking to get some servos for my Omnibot project and had some questions before I placed my order. First I was planing on using high torque servos from the store to power the arms on my omni and just wanted to know if they would be strong enough to lift something around 12 ounces. Maybe like oh I don't know say a bottle of beer. The second question is about the tilt pan set up that is listed. It says it comes with micro servos. I would like to know if this set up will be strong enough to support the camera plus the omni's head and provide smooth movement. I'm looking forward to driving the robot with VR glasses. I'm holding off on getting the EZB kit till the mini comes out. I like the idea of saving room inside. Plus installing these other servos should keep my busy for a while.

One last thing on the claw with the rotating wrist in the store is it possible to get it with the micro server like Bret used to mount his claw to Bob. Big thanks to Bret for doing such a great job on your Omni and I hope you don't mind that I am basing my arm design off yours.




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Sorry I ment to ask about the heavy duty servos in the store it says they can move 10 kg/cm are these a good choice for the shoulders?
Hello! Those servos are a good choice for shoulders. They draw a lot of current, so you will find the EZ-B 5 amp voltage regulator will get really hot. My suggestion is to power the servos seperately. In my Omnibot 2000, I power all of the servos seperately for that reason - the Voltage Regulator can cook a steak!

Hmmmmm... Maybe that's an alternate use for the VR heat:) A little robot oven:D
Great thanks DJ how about the tilt pan kit would you recommend it for the omnibot head? Also is there an release date for the EZB mini yet. I''ve got my shopping cart all loaded up and I'm itching to pull the trigger.
Jer, I have been hoping to have the EZ-Mini into production mode - but we're having delays from the pcb designer. I was told I should have the final design files by tomorrow. Following that, it will take a bit of time to be manufactured. I suspect we're only a two/three weeks away. Probably not the answer you're looking for:)
Ooops i forgot to answer the pan/tilt question.

I would not recommend using the pan/tilt with the omnibot head. The servos almost be powerful enough, but they won't last. I will make a quick video next week of how to do a pan/tilt with standard sized servos.
I used the pan tilt bracket with standard high torque servos and i can move the omnibot 2000 head in any direction.
I ordered the "Pan/Tilt for Camera or Sensor" in the store, and found it was challenged when just using the wireless camera. Also one servo must have been faulty as it started rough and eventually failed. But for the price, is was well worth the fun experimenting and the remaining servo found a home on my transforming car:) I agree with DJ, it would not be recommended for your Omnibot head.

I experimented with attaching one standard servo directly to another for a functional pan/tilt (the horn of vertical servo glued to the body of the horizontal servo (or vice versa depending on your desired outcome), but it puts all the load on the vertical servo head for support. That worked great for a mid sized web cam, and made for some interesting viewing angles when both are at limits, but I wouldn't overload it either. I look forward seeing to DJ's solution.
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@dj did you ever make that video on the pan tilt mech? I've just picked up an omni 2000 so would love to know the best way to control the head.