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Questions For Any Hexapod Builders

Hey there guys I got a few questions for payload on anyone who is building or has built a hexapod. I've designed this guy up for my son this week. Its a WIP as I work my way through weight, 3d print wall thickness and infill.

This Hex will have 18 EZ Robot HDD servos. I was looking at 5500 ma lipo batteries and they are about 17 oz in weight. Now add in the printed parts and the weight of all those servos, I think it will come in at about 4 or 5 pound total weight. I know the weight will be distributed over 18 servos when idle and 9 when walking, but curious as to anyones experience with layloads and these type of robots. The character on top will only be a few ounces so he doesn't add too much to the overall weight. But the battery is a killer.

Anyways any input, things to watch out for, would be great.

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Man you got king fu skills - love it. Can’t wait to see it in action!
Thanks! Hopefully he walks and doesn’t collapse under the weight! Printing a leg mock up this weekend ! So far it just looks gigantic ( king crab leg! Lol). Might have to scale it back a bit *stress*
Nah he’ll be fine. That’s not a lot of weight
United Kingdom
Will, my Hexapod ( Ziggy ) weighs in at 9lb, it’s all aluminum and uses 20x HHD Servos.
I’m using 4x 18650 2amp 3.7v batteries in series and parallel, to get 4 amps at 7.4v
But there drain pretty quickly.

@Chris I ran across your video when doing my research, glad to find it originated from here and uses the HDD servos! Its a great design, I love the little sonar head looking around. Its hard to judge its scale from the video. About how large is this from middle leg to middle leg if looking down? Mine is about 57 cm. I have a leg I 3d printed last night and going to assemble it and animate it. I will post a video here...if it works!

@Dave, I loved these movies as a kid. I think they are the reason i got into film. They are so bad but I loved them! I remember this one well, as we went to Florida for a family vacation when I was five. I saw this on a late night movie channel about two weeks before we left and I was terrified to go into the water! LOL.

I think I shall name him Gargantuan !
United Kingdom
Will. Not sure on what measurements you are referring to from middle leg to middle leg if looking down?
Do you mean when the leg is fully extended?
If so 57cm is huge! mine hex is only about 27cm.
What ever that measurement is, yours sounds like it’s going to be a monster!
Yes it is a monster! Its my fear of him not walking. I remember Anthony from XL Robots making a hexbot but it sadly never walked to my knowledge I think in part to its size and weight.

Here is todays test no torque being applied: