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Question On Amps Of Ezb Board

how many amps i can input to ezb board . iam running 12vdc at 2 amps battery pack now running 5 servo .but if i add more servo for arms ill have to add more amps to the board how much can it take any idears ,i know that theres 5 amp fuse on board will it blow if i go over that amp . thanks cory


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The board will only draw is many amps from your batteries as the motors need. actually what is drawing the amps are the motors and not a board. If your motors try to draw more than 5 amps the fuses on the board will blow. Do not put a bigger fuse in. The board will only handle 5 amps. If your batteries can not supply you your needed amperage then you're bored will brown out. you can put the biggest and baddest battery you can find on that board it won't hurt it as long as a voltage is within specs. you overload the board with the motors not the battery. I hope that makes sense.


i just wanted to add 1 more 12 volt battery pack at 2amps in parellel to increase the amp to 4amp volts will stay same .iam only using rc servo but adding arms will greatly pull down the amp.iam not going to put a bigger fuse !i know that no more than 18 dc volts to ezb- board lol plus iam running longer ext cords to some of the servos, about 12 ich ext for 3 servos in the neck to reach the board it self its putting draw on board on the power also when i add two more servo nothing power up no light i remove the 2 servos Repower back up its ok . :D iam thinking its amp drop with ext to many servos so far away . if thats make any sence :D ty cory


Why don't you power The extra servos directly from a second battery


that wont be posiable without 2nd ezb board not running no more then what came in kit.when running longer servo ext wires must be pulling it down for long travel on power up .

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You don't need a 2nd EZB to run external power to the servos.


Take a look at this thread :


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Dave, both urls are the same, I think you mean



iam going to try to hook up a 12v car battery. my12v battery pack may not have amps i need run 6 std servo that came in kit. when hook up the 6 servo and repower boad nothing lights up.. i go back to run 5 servo its ok power up as normally .iam not running any heavy duty servo motor. ty :)


ok guys ,i just hook up a 18v drill battery i hook up 10 servos to see if the board will power up . it def my 12volt battery pack is bad or its dont have milamps to power it up with 6 servos . i knew it was that iam right on that ... :D