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Question With Color Tracking, Motion And Face

I am trying to get color tracking working. It has no problem what so ever seeing the red ball. But from the robots viewpoint, when it sees it, it goes to the Right and all the way down. Everytime. To the right and down. Please help. I am loosing patience with this. It is NOT D.J.'s fault. It is mine.

I have tried Inverting and such. It is as if it were shy. It is like a Vampire looking at a Cross. I inverted the Horizontal and at least it is lining up Vertically, but going DOWN very quickly which makes the camera move on it's tilt.


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oohh!!! is moving too fast??? in the configuration of the camera tracking you have to select how may positions you want to move when the camera is finding something.....


Thanks, when I get the battery charged, I will look at that.



I tried for hours. The thing that got me was Track By Relative Position.

NOW IT IS TRACKING THE COLOR. I get to move on to better and more complicated things like motion and face tracking. If it does this good at the other two, I will be set.

YEH!!!!! :-)


Here is a little update.

I got the color tracking working pretty good. I did ONLY the camera servos (neck pan/tilt). This works fairly well. I thought that I was going to simply click on Motion tracking and Face tracking and they would work with the specs that I already have for color. I was wrong. Face tracking did not work at all and MotionTracking tried to work, but like it was weak and barely moved. I guess I have more fidling to do on Monday.

If anyone has tips for me, I would appreciate them. After this, I am going to try to get the robot to move it's whole body and roll chasing the color or the face or the movement. Wish me luck!




Hi Mel! I ran into the same problem with my Wall-E, did a search came across your post. I could get color tracking working very well, but motion and face tracking are definitely not working with this latest ARC, i tried everything, every settings, quadrant size, sensitivity, the motion tracking went crazy when you increase sensitivity. In DJ earlier video, face tracking works very well correct me if im wrong, but for me it is not seeing my face at all, Wall-E head is simply not moving one bit, tried playing with the camera color settings too without luck. May be there is something wrong with the latest version. The color tracking works great, so my setup on servos are good.


I think that the problem is, face and movement tracking are maybe working, but they don't draw the box around the face or the movement. So, you don't know that they are working.

NOTICE: above is just a theory. I could be wrong.




There is a purple box around the face when it was able to see it but weird thing is the servos aren't moving at all, do move with motion tracking but not accurate, goes crazy all over. Hope we are not the only one with problems.


When I first started , I tried to get face tracking and movement tracking, but got frustrated and quit. I got color tracking to work on the head, so It tracks with the head and neck. It does a pretty good job of that. But, When i tried to make the whole robot tack, it just ran forward and would not stop. I have since put it aside to work on another A.I. project. I intend to go back to it when I am in a better mood.

At least, you are getting the face to have a rectangle around it. That is more than I.

I think LIGHTING is one of the Key elements to this.



That's exactly what happened to me, im moving on for now but i would like to get those to work so I have Wall-E following people around. Like said, the box is barely appearing when it does see my face and I have 4x T5 fluorescent lighting right above me about 6ft, i don't think lightning is a problem here.