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Question- Universal Robot Remote Wowwee

hi guys,

I have a u command WALL-E that is Infrared (IR) controlled. unfortunately it doesn't have the remote control. So while searching online, I discovered the wowwee "RoboRemote", a universal infrared robot remote that will work with any wowwee robot as it states. It can be programmed and has a usb port that plugs into your PC. Could this work with my WALL-E? Are they probably the same type of IR signals? I have high hopes that this will work ; ) Also I have read that wowwee had a part in making the wall-e toys, therefore wouldn't it be a similar type of remote? They all must be made similar for the most part, right? They all seem to work similarly. I am wondering if anyone knows or has heard of this remote. I can't see why not it wouldn't work...It looks pretty cool! If you guys could give me some suggestions, feel free!

Thank you.

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As stated in your other topic, you will need to find out the IR codes for the Wall-E and my searches for this have always come up empty. You could use a USB UIRT to control it, which is similar to a universal remote but the main thing is to find the codes.

If you find the codes, or what you think may be the codes if you pop them on here I will test them through JARVIS to see if he can control my Wall-E U-Command.

Or, if anyone has a U-Command remote and would like to send it to me I can capture the codes and return it to you, contact me privately (contact details are in my user details) and I'll give you my address. Note, I am in the UK so UK only really to save on insane shipping costs.


It might have been better if you posted on your other topic. They have a spam rule on here and I can't tell if this would count or not. If you can find the coding for the wall-e this might work.


@ Wal-E , I was looking for a solution for controlling IR devices and I found a arduino shield kit that you could use the ezb. It was able to record and playback a recorded IR command. I cannot remember the store name at the moment but go search for IR Arduino module and you will see the kits I'm talking about. Since I have not tested any of them I don't want to misdirection you as to which is the best brand for the job. Arduino users use them to interface controlling vcr , DVD players , tvs, Xbox , PlayStation , cable or satellite boxes ect. If I wasn't heading to bed I would further research it. Maybe tommorow. - Josh