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Question On Soundservo(Pcspeaker)

Question on SoundServo(PcSpeaker) I am trying to use SoundServo(PcSpeaker), but no servo movement. The TalkServo and SoundMicrophone work fine. I have tried on two different computers, and a clean start with only the soundServo, variable watcher, and scriptmanager to test it. I thought maybe Min/Max had to be below and above 90. The servo moves if I change Min. and Max. numbers on the configure. The variable watcher shows expected up and down numbers when sound is sent to the Pc.Speaker. The first number on the SoundServoPCSpeaker also moves, but not the second number showing servo movement. I have the latest ARC. Thanks


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Sound servo (PC Speaker) requires controls that use the pc speaker. None of the controls you listed use the pc speaker.

Perhaps you mean to use Sound servo (EZB).


Here's a link to the manual page of the correct control that you are looking for:


soundservo PC speaker

Thanks for responding D.J. I was thinking the Say("Testing Sound servo PC") in my srciptmanager would work? It plays thru my speakers. There other sounds I would also use this for, sent thru the PC speaker. Is there a different input that I need to use? Thanks again for the help.


I misunderstood your post. I was may have misread that you were wanting to use microphone/talkservo/etc with the ezb.

I will look at the sound servo (pc) and see if it has any issues