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Question On Power Supply?

Hello all :-} I am doing some testing with the V4 on my work bench tonight and instead of using batteries I was wanting to use a power supply adaptor. But before I do, I need to know if the power adaptor I have will work, without destroying the V4? INPUT: 110-127V 60Hz 0.25A OUTPUT: 12V 750mA

           Will this work without hurting anything? 

                                      I would appreciate some input :-}


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It won't hurt the v4. It won't drive much. 750 MA will drive some sensors and small servos.

The v4 can handle 12 v no problem. You will probably have to regulate the power to all of you digital devices.


Thank you very much :-} I am just doing some bench testing and getting used to things, basically playing around. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to smoke my V4. Thank you again. I am still getting used to things.


To add to what d.cochran said.... Make sure you are regulating anything plugged into your V4 board to it's proper voltage... Pings should be 5v, servos 6V - 7.4V... etc


I have a v3 EZ-B, from 2011. I purchased a power supply long ago, but as I began searching for it I found I had a number of power supplies. It has been a long time since I've worked with the EZ-B so I'm not sure which one I used. I have one rated at (output) 12 volts, and 5 amps. Can I use this one without frying my controller? Thanks, Lloyd


Yes, that 12 vdc 5 amp power supply will work with your EZB(3). Just remember that the EZB(3) has a voltage regulator that will work hard and get hot dropping the voltage from 12 vdc to the 5 vdc used within the EZB(3).


Thank you for your reply Robot-Doc. I thought it would, but just wanted to throw my question out for a check. I'm planning on putting a fan on the regulator. Lloyd


I used a small cpu cooling fan on my EZB3..Works great.I use 12 vdc input power from battery.


I have the same type of fan that I'm using. I saw the fan install on the v3 support section.