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Question For Those Of You In The 3D Printing Community That Are Working With Ez-

I originally posted this in the wrong place so here we go.

I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what is happening. I downloaded (about a dozen times) the EZ-Bits for the EZ-B3 card cover.

The plate printed just fine. But, the cover had a perfect shape, but it was sooooo thin. Have any of you experienced this before?

My 20mm cube prints good except for a little razzle on top.

Thank You Ladies and Gentlemen for your time.


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Never Mind! I figured that my extruder is not working properly.


I tried to close this, but it did not want to close.


That is because the originator cannot close a question, only a helpful answer from another member can be used to provide a different name that is used by the posting program.


@MovieMaker - you probably need someone to respond to be able to close the thread.


@Robot-Doc - What are the chances we reply in the same second? I think that's the closest I've seen yet.

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If you had left it open it would have been closed automatically after a short period of inactivity.

Incorrectly requesting assistance and/or giving credit kinda undermines the whole assistance/credit system and it has been mentioned that abuse of the system will be dealt with. In other words, be sure you actually require assistance when posting that you do and if you do solve your own issue leave it marked unsolved until the forums take care of it. I know leaving it open will result in nagging emails however be aware of this whenever you open up a "requires assistance" post, it's just another reason to be 100% sure you really do need assistance when asking for it.


No credit was gained from posting a suggested solution and getting my login user name applied to the member solution log. I did not even receive a nice email from the system.


@Rich, Thanks for that information. I did not know the post will close automatically.

@Robo-Doc, Look at the top of the page. It says:

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I am really having a time with my Extruder.

It seems that if I give it more shells, it just ignores that and prints very thin and brittle.